weaknesses from the device

there are weaknesses that i have discovered in these devices they cannot penetrate thick sheets of paper or water. submerging yourself in water such as a pool or shower a pool renders projected audio and pulses usless.  this is a remote device that is projecting audio to harrass you they rely on close proximity to the target victim. there is nothing implanted in the body or brain it is completely external beam that is projected to you. do not let fear overwhelm you the device has its weaknesses exploit them and use them against the people who are tourturing you with it. a way to get them off your trail when you travel is to discard all electronics. wear simple clothes that cover your naked body and nothing else, they can track you with credit cards, cellphones, and laptops ipads etc. minimize your dependence on electronic devices if you must use them take out the battery when not in use

if they are monitoring your thoughts think in a garbled language when you think to yourself think using visuals but communicate your inner voice in a nonsensical language. develop a language that makes sense to you and change it often to confuse them. your mind is more complex than their technology they can’t decipher the information fast enough, practice it. their goal is to make you paranoid with fear, they have no real power just the ability to make you think that they do. if the majority was n their side they would have no need to be covert. what they are doing is unlawful and unethical and humnaity will surely stand against that. the enemy of your enemy is your ally they can’t watch us all. and they can’t control us all. they niether have the manpower nor the technology to fight billions of people at once. share information on how to disrupt or make these devices useless . we are innocent civilians there is no reason that this should be happening to us it is wrong

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