my experiences as a victim in the united states

since 1998 i have been the victim of ongoing torture and psycholgical harrassment from government agencies using some form of microwave device. im a black american in my 40’s this has been occuring on a daily basis  there have been many instances where i have been deprived of sleep by people screaming in my ears on some frequency that no one else hears, have burning or shocking sensations on my skin and body. the attackers where even able to hear the thoughts that I spoke non verbally in my head or see the images that come into my head such as dreams or thoughts.  to the best of my knowledge it is not a brain implant i have never had any surgery needles or had a doctor do anything intrusive to my body i belive that it is something externally projected toward the target and that they need to be constantly within close proximity to the target to keep it going . there is no need to incur the cost of CAT scans or harm yourself looking for implants. this is an external beam projected toward the victim much like how an infrared mark guilds a missile. there are government agencys in this country whose sole purpose is to increase government control and strip the right and freedoms of citizens. I am an ordinary american citizen with no political ties, i am not a criminal, im not a spy, i pose no threat whatsoever to national security but like many other innocent victims i was targeted as a random test subject against my will . to test and develop this technology to be later used on the rest of the population. from what i have read online these experiments have lead to victims going insane, dyeing untimely, being financially ruined, whats important is that you fight back because you are essentially fighting for your life. negotiating, submitting, co-operating in any way will only make you more victimized as they will not stop until you stop them.

this is some information on the use of sonic weapons and their harmful effects
click the link ( or download and read the screenshot of the article below

incedently i found a victim in Bhutan who wrote about his similar experiences

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