how to defend yourself against microwave torture

the technology works through electricity the electricity generated by your body and by the appliances that surround you. when I go swimming and submerge my head under water I don’t hear or feel them, so water is a natural barrier

avoid being to close to objects that generate large amounts of electricity such as sleeping next to a desk fan or under a lamp the electro magnetic enery generated from these appliances can be harnessed with their devices to cause you pain. if your sitting next to a high voltage appliance and are experienceing headaches or pain unplug and it avoid sleeping near these objects while they’re running (etc table fans, air conditioning, units lamps, ) they need you to be immobile to make it work and will bombard your skin and body for hours to generate enough electro energy to cause you pain. paper serves as a good barrier to insulate electricity ive used a folded newspaper newspapers or thick books and found that they worked to elliviate or protect from pain.

if you hear them they hear you verbally combat them. and take note that their threats are harmless their goal is to stress you to the point that you either go insane or harm yourself. so ignore it. wear head phones and listen to soothing music on an mp3 player to mask their verbal assaults. they are just as afraid of you because the technology is still undeveloped and the only real harm that they can do to you is what you do to yourself by allowing them to confuse you, stress you, or neglect the important aspects of your life such as your health. no matter what they say establish in your mind that you are not insane. that you did nothing to warrant or deserve this. and that whats being done to you is criminal.

I have had instances where they have shocked various parts of my body. such as trying to disrupt my heartbeat shave the hair in those places that are prone to attack hair conducts electricity.

often times they see what you see so things like passwords to your vital information dont commit them to memory type random letters and numbers in a word document and copy and paste them into the log in fields when needed.change passwords periodically

remember it takes a lot of effort and funds to monitor you and to keep their operation secretive use that against them. make everything as difficult for them as you possibly can, post flyers or create blogs anything to get as much attention and information out there to make people aware, also so that you can connect with other victims there is strength in unity. and their greatest fear is exposure the more people they have to deal with to try to supress this operation they more difficult it is for them.

write down and keep a written or computer typed journal of your experiences and medical records that you can later refer to, that will prove progressive damages to your heath or mental state.make every effort to keep your sanity, health, freedom, and finances intact. stress may cause you to engage in harmful habits, such as excessive smoking, drinking, or eating be dilligent about keeping healthy and sane. what ever you go through you and have found a way to resolve it your that much stronger. i have found that getting stressed out or enraged has been counter active. get them pissed off by staying calm and intact it just makes them have to work harder. everything they say is a bluff their power is the perception of power that they dont really have smoke and mirrors america does’nt have the capability or man power  to monitor every person in this country much less the planet. they’re bluff is to make you believe that they are more powerful than they really are.I posted this blog so that victims can gain some helpful information from my experience if you have any suggestions, experiences or or resolutions to help defend these attacks. please post them.

I suggest we form some specialized activist group to bring attention to this. simply aligning with the ACLU we get lost in all the other causes that they deal with we need a specific voice to get washington and the publics attention and that voice needs the unity and support of victims with similar experiences. our experience is only a prelude to what the rest of the population and future generations will experience on a larger and much more devastating scale.

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10 Responses to how to defend yourself against microwave torture

  1. Ernest Coulson says:

    In UK, unable to make contact with anyone suffering this harrassment, everyone has gone underground.
    Need help.

    • U.S. Victim says:

      that will not help the situation the thing to do is unite and expose whats happening to the world. what we are experiencing individually is a microcosm for whats going to happen to people globally find the strength and confidence to fight and make the public aware. We have done nothing to deserve this, we are not insane, the insanity is the greed and desire for power that drives those who produce these devices to harm innocent people.
      that is what you present to the public, you have access to smart phones, internet, youtube, the media there are many ways of making people aware if enough voices around the world corroborate and substantiate the truth then the majority of people will listen and governments with be forced to take action and punish those responsible for doing this to us. The people are the power they cant get rid of us. governments cannot survive without us to rule over. Them must listen and appease us or they shut down. Our tax dollars fund these programs. Our tax dollars pay for these devices to be built. Get the power of the people behind you and you are an overwhelming force to any government. We must stop this before we don’t have the power to.

  2. Im a victim of microwave electeonic torture and hqve been a very long time. I thought i was going crazy when one day they talked to me. Now all they talk about is killing me,murdering me these people think its funny and what makes it worse our president and congress is aware of them using this war machine and does nothing about it. We live in the united states of america and they let this happen like we are in a third world country.Im tortured on a daily basis i have been to sleep in a while a good nite sleep because they tell me that they will give me a heart attack using that horrible machine they have given me chest pains and have been to the er several times. They screw with my car im agraid for my life. They are mad because im writing this and my life is in danger for it. I live in oklahoma city and if anyone out from okla thats going thru this torture please email me. And if im killed you all know what happened to me. I want to live but its out of my hands even out of gods hand we have people with problems playing god. This is real so contact me and i hope im around to get your msg. I alone i have one person that might believe me and thats it and i tired of begging for my life.what would you do if someone keep telling you how theyre going to murder you. All i can do is wait and hope my death saves someone elses life.

    • U.S. Victim says:


      I hope all is well. I’m reaching out to help someone going through the same ordeal as you know i am also a victim ive been fighting the same sick corrupt people for years
      dont let your fear overwhelm you. they only way that they can give you a heart attack is if they cause you to stressmyourself out of fear. their threats are worst than their actions, ignore them threaten back …its all bluff
      the quicker you realize that ,,,the quicker you’ll minimize any power they have over you.
      these are ordinary run of the mill people that are subcontracted by the government, not highly trained fbi or government agents you are not that important for them to monitor they. they’re too busy with terrorists
      the people that are tracking you are the equivalent of Walmart workers in regard to the security field, they are ordinary people screwing around with your life for no reason but their sick pleasure. After the recent incident that involved Aaron alexis being harrassed with ELF technology to the point that he was driven to kill 12 innocent people. im convinced that there is absolutely no purpose or logic to their ageda. Covert military contractors drove this man insane, saw him pack his guns and ammo, fully aware of what he intended to do, and monitored him right up to the point that he shot 12 innocent people. They didnt stop him with their device, they didn’t warn those people of impending danger, they simply watched the carnage unfold. The people that are responsible for this are nothing more than sick, sadistic, thugs who are willing to put innocent people in danger to neutralize their intended target, the possibility that our government may have funded them. is a scandal that should send the public into an uproar. fight them ridicule them, see them as insignificant as they are
      these people project more power than they actually have, its all smoke and mirrors they have the same doubt and uncertainty that you do, they are not in control as much as you think they have to hide you are mobile you can go place that they cant, their enemy is exposure the more attention you attach to yourself and what they are doing the more safe you will be like any other victim stay in the public view, and speak out to draw attention to yourself when you are being hurt. hope that you will continue to reach out to me an others in your time of need we are here to listen and help.

      • KEN ERWIN , SR. says:

        THIS MESSAGE IS INTENDED FOR ” MATTHEW “. In response to his post … GOD BLESS HIM . He hit the nail on the head when he mentions AARON ALEXIS . I too believe he was a “” T I “” , targeted individual . All the intelligent reporters , the NEW PORT POLICE DEPT , who he tried to reach out to , are missing it . He needed help , he was a victum also plus the poor Innocent 12 people he murdered . WHAT in the HELL is happening to our beautiful AMERICA when this type of weapondry is being used on ordinary citizens KEN ERWIN SR ..

    • KEN ERWIN , SR. says:

      MATT , Altho you live in Oklahoma City ..WE can still stay in touch , as I live in FLA … I too am a victim of MICROWAVE LASERS !!!! Its been 1 year since they , PSYCHOPATHS , ! man and ! woman have seemingly taken over my life . I’m selling my house and hopefully that will solve my problem with them . I don’t know tho as they always follow me to different motels in trying to escape them . KEN ERWIN SR. PLEASE CONTINUE WITH SOME , ANY ADVICE ………..

  3. KEN ERWIN , SR. says:


    • U.S. Victim says:

      try not to sleep or sit next to large appliances such as fans, air conditioning, microwave oven anything
      that might generate large amounts of electricity I have found that shaving off body hair
      helps minimize the severity of the zaps, Toilet paper or ear plugs in the ears help you sleep better
      or take out the electric circuit breaker in your fuse box at night. before they use it the energy to zap you
      must be built up while you sleep or while you are still. its usually generated from a nearby electric source
      from what I’ve learned the people using these devices must me within close proximity of you or your home consider
      scouting out different places that offer relief, trust me there have been nights that I’ve taken a sleeping blanket and slept on the beach.
      i would like to know of anyone else has felt its effects when they were in open rural places such as the mountains, camp grounds
      the grand canyon, cruising out to sea places that don’t have a surrounding infrastructure. they need the surrounding towers to
      create a web of beams to track either by cell phone or other electronic wifi mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and ipads,
      if you can take out the batteries to these devices to get off the grid or dont carry them altogether.
      the more your stripped down to just the clothes on your back and cash the less track able you are. no electonics or credit/debit cards with embedded micro chips the ear to skull audio is definitely interrupted if you are submerged underwater the pulses that are targeting you are directed toward you externally there are no implants save yourself the worry. remember there greatest weapon over you is your own fear
      and the paranoia generated by it that they hope will cause the victim to make life changing mistakes out of fear and desperation.
      these are ordinary people, they have limitations, not everyone reacts to the same situation consistently, these people who are doing this are not always certain of the outcome, there is always the possibility of something occurring that they didn’t anticipate, their uncertainty is to your advantage. if they where so powerful they wouldn’t have to hide you can go to places where they will be in fear of being exposed.see that for what it is, and it will help minimize your fears and improve your ability to cope.

      • KEN ERWIN , SR. says:

        it is certainly my pleasure in having you respond back to me with my terrible misfortune of being a “” T I “” . that I believe is the name placed on us few individuals , targeted individuals ….. these type of weapons ‘ I believe microwave lasers ” were invented and used in our overseas wars and have worked their way back into mainstream AMERICA . PLEASE , PLEASE lets bond together and stop them ….. KEN ERWIN SR.

  4. KEN ERWIN , SR. says:

    ANYONE AND ALL please lets get together and STOP this torture from going on any farther . It is an invisible crime and nobody believes that this is taking place . Not even our close relatives !!!!!! KEN ERWIN SR.

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