weaknesses from the device

there are weaknesses that i have discovered in these devices they cannot penetrate thick sheets of paper or water. submerging yourself in water such as a pool or shower a pool renders projected audio and pulses usless.  this is a remote device that is projecting audio to harrass you they rely on close proximity to the target victim. there is nothing implanted in the body or brain it is completely external beam that is projected to you. do not let fear overwhelm you the device has its weaknesses exploit them and use them against the people who are tourturing you with it. a way to get them off your trail when you travel is to discard all electronics. wear simple clothes that cover your naked body and nothing else, they can track you with credit cards, cellphones, and laptops ipads etc. minimize your dependence on electronic devices if you must use them take out the battery when not in use

if they are monitoring your thoughts think in a garbled language when you think to yourself think using visuals but communicate your inner voice in a nonsensical language. develop a language that makes sense to you and change it often to confuse them. your mind is more complex than their technology they can’t decipher the information fast enough, practice it. their goal is to make you paranoid with fear, they have no real power just the ability to make you think that they do. if the majority was n their side they would have no need to be covert. what they are doing is unlawful and unethical and humnaity will surely stand against that. the enemy of your enemy is your ally they can’t watch us all. and they can’t control us all. they niether have the manpower nor the technology to fight billions of people at once. share information on how to disrupt or make these devices useless . we are innocent civilians there is no reason that this should be happening to us it is wrong

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how to defend yourself against microwave torture

the technology works through electricity the electricity generated by your body and by the appliances that surround you. when I go swimming and submerge my head under water I don’t hear or feel them, so water is a natural barrier

avoid being to close to objects that generate large amounts of electricity such as sleeping next to a desk fan or under a lamp the electro magnetic enery generated from these appliances can be harnessed with their devices to cause you pain. if your sitting next to a high voltage appliance and are experienceing headaches or pain unplug and it avoid sleeping near these objects while they’re running (etc table fans, air conditioning, units lamps, ) they need you to be immobile to make it work and will bombard your skin and body for hours to generate enough electro energy to cause you pain. paper serves as a good barrier to insulate electricity ive used a folded newspaper newspapers or thick books and found that they worked to elliviate or protect from pain.

if you hear them they hear you verbally combat them. and take note that their threats are harmless their goal is to stress you to the point that you either go insane or harm yourself. so ignore it. wear head phones and listen to soothing music on an mp3 player to mask their verbal assaults. they are just as afraid of you because the technology is still undeveloped and the only real harm that they can do to you is what you do to yourself by allowing them to confuse you, stress you, or neglect the important aspects of your life such as your health. no matter what they say establish in your mind that you are not insane. that you did nothing to warrant or deserve this. and that whats being done to you is criminal.

I have had instances where they have shocked various parts of my body. such as trying to disrupt my heartbeat shave the hair in those places that are prone to attack hair conducts electricity.

often times they see what you see so things like passwords to your vital information dont commit them to memory type random letters and numbers in a word document and copy and paste them into the log in fields when needed.change passwords periodically

remember it takes a lot of effort and funds to monitor you and to keep their operation secretive use that against them. make everything as difficult for them as you possibly can, post flyers or create blogs anything to get as much attention and information out there to make people aware, also so that you can connect with other victims there is strength in unity. and their greatest fear is exposure the more people they have to deal with to try to supress this operation they more difficult it is for them.

write down and keep a written or computer typed journal of your experiences and medical records that you can later refer to, that will prove progressive damages to your heath or mental state.make every effort to keep your sanity, health, freedom, and finances intact. stress may cause you to engage in harmful habits, such as excessive smoking, drinking, or eating be dilligent about keeping healthy and sane. what ever you go through you and have found a way to resolve it your that much stronger. i have found that getting stressed out or enraged has been counter active. get them pissed off by staying calm and intact it just makes them have to work harder. everything they say is a bluff their power is the perception of power that they dont really have smoke and mirrors america does’nt have the capability or man power  to monitor every person in this country much less the planet. they’re bluff is to make you believe that they are more powerful than they really are.I posted this blog so that victims can gain some helpful information from my experience if you have any suggestions, experiences or or resolutions to help defend these attacks. please post them.

I suggest we form some specialized activist group to bring attention to this. simply aligning with the ACLU we get lost in all the other causes that they deal with we need a specific voice to get washington and the publics attention and that voice needs the unity and support of victims with similar experiences. our experience is only a prelude to what the rest of the population and future generations will experience on a larger and much more devastating scale.

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my experiences as a victim in the united states

since 1998 i have been the victim of ongoing torture and psycholgical harrassment from government agencies using some form of microwave device. im a black american in my 40’s this has been occuring on a daily basis  there have been many instances where i have been deprived of sleep by people screaming in my ears on some frequency that no one else hears, have burning or shocking sensations on my skin and body. the attackers where even able to hear the thoughts that I spoke non verbally in my head or see the images that come into my head such as dreams or thoughts.  to the best of my knowledge it is not a brain implant i have never had any surgery needles or had a doctor do anything intrusive to my body i belive that it is something externally projected toward the target and that they need to be constantly within close proximity to the target to keep it going . there is no need to incur the cost of CAT scans or harm yourself looking for implants. this is an external beam projected toward the victim much like how an infrared mark guilds a missile. there are government agencys in this country whose sole purpose is to increase government control and strip the right and freedoms of citizens. I am an ordinary american citizen with no political ties, i am not a criminal, im not a spy, i pose no threat whatsoever to national security but like many other innocent victims i was targeted as a random test subject against my will . to test and develop this technology to be later used on the rest of the population. from what i have read online these experiments have lead to victims going insane, dyeing untimely, being financially ruined, whats important is that you fight back because you are essentially fighting for your life. negotiating, submitting, co-operating in any way will only make you more victimized as they will not stop until you stop them.

this is some information on the use of sonic weapons and their harmful effects
click the link (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_Weapons) or download and read the screenshot of the article below


incedently i found a victim in Bhutan who wrote about his similar experiences http://www.apfanews.com/torture-killing-me-softly/

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